Obtain Judgments

We typically resolve business debt collection claims without going to court. However, we do not hesitate to a commence legal action when the circumstances deem it necessary. When your customer defaults pursuant to the terms of the agreement and it’s clear they do not intend to pay you back as agreed, you may need to seek a court awarded judgment. We can handle the process of obtaining a judgment for you.

If a confession of judgment has been signed, that document can be filed and recorded with a County Clerk and you will typically be awarded a judgment within a few business days. If a confession of judgment has not been signed, obtaining a judgment can be done by commencing an expedited legal proceeding. Either way, once a judgment is awarded, legal action, such as freezing bank accounts, assets, and other property can take place.

Perhaps you have already been awarded a judgment. We can enforce that judgment and begin to recover assets and money for you right now.