Leverage UCC Liens

We have many methods to collect by enforcing your rights under Article 9 of the Unified Commercial Code (UCC). If you filed a UCC-1 statement against the debtor, you have already been granted a security interest, or lien, in all applicable assets that belong to the debtor and you may have the right to repossess those assets. Leveraging a UCC-1 filing in the collection process is extremely effective.

Here are some examples:

  • Prevent a debtor from selling its business or inventory.
  • Repossess inventory, equipment, and other property.
  • Intercept payments being made to the debtor by other companies and people.
  • Intercept electronic money transfers being deposited into a debtors bank account.


If you filed a UCC-1, please contact us immediately. We offer priority service and rate discounts to claims with recorded UCC’s.