Collect Past Due Amounts

You’ve probably attempted to contact the debtor, made phone calls, sent emails, and have either been ignored or given the runaround. That’s where we step in. We work aggressively to collect past due amounts. Our collection process includes sending demand letters by postal service, email, and fax, contacting the debtor directly by phone, in-person site inspections, and UCC lien enforcement. Bank account searches, credit card processor searches, vehicle and equipment repossession, seizing assets and real estate property, among other efforts, are also conducted depending on the circumstances of the claim.

The initial collection process starts with delivering a short demand letter by postal service, email, and fax, then contacting the debtor by phone. Although we usually make phone contact the same day a claim is turned over to Recover, our process starts with research. We gather significant information about the business and its owners. Then, we can determine the credibility of the business debtor when we first speak with them by comparing verified information against information they provide. This allows our business debt collection team to determine if the business debtor is being honest, holding back information, or worse, hiding assets and money.

When we get the business debtor on the phone, we ask a series of questions to determine the real reason for defaulting on a creditor. Determining the real reason can have a dramatic impact on the approach our business debt collection team will use. Just simply demanding the money typically does not work. Once we have this information and we understand why they aren’t paying, we can come up with a complete collection strategy.

Business debt collection strategies vary based on circumstances, but one thing that never changes with Recover is our speed and aggressiveness. Our business debt collection team works quickly to locate assets, bank accounts, receivables, and income sources. We know that time is of the essence.