Contingency Rates

Pricing That's Simple & Transparent

Our contingency rates are extremely competitive. There is no contingency fee unless we collect. Contingency rates are based on the amount collected.

Tier 1


  • UCC Filed
  • Judgment entered within last 30 days

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Tier 2


  • UCC recorded
  • Judgment entered within last 45 days

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Tier 3


  • UCC recorded; or
  • Judgment entered within last 60 days

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Tier 4


  • No requirements

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Payment Processors


  • Merchant Service Claims

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Small Claims


  • Claims under $5,000

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We handle business debt collection claims of all sizes from $1,000 to $1 million. Claims forwarded to an attorney are still collected on a contingency basis, but additional charges for court costs and filing fees may apply. Of course, they would not be incurred without your prior authorization. Rates are negotiable for large business debt collection claims and recurring clients.