Recover is a commercial debt collection agency, which means we only work on business debt, but we do collect against individuals who are personally liable for business debt, such as individuals who signed a confession of judgment or guaranty. We typically resolve business debt collection claims without going to court. However, we do not hesitate to a commence legal action when the circumstances deem it necessary.

We specialize in collecting debts for merchant cash advance funders, business lenders, alternative finance providers, and electronic payment processors. Our agency offers a complete suite of business debt collection services that cover every aspect of collections. General collections on past due accounts, UCC lien enforcement, litigation, obtaining judgments, enforcing judgments, and more.

If it’s related to collecting business debt, we handle it!

We handle claims of all sizes, from $1,000 to $1 million.

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Why Choose Recover

Lightning Fast

We work quickly and aggressively. Time is of the essence when it comes to collections.

Success Rate

Our collection agency has collected over 70% of the total amount due to our clients since inception.

Proven Results

Our team has collected millions of dollars in commercial claims nationwide.

Lowest Rates

Our contingency rates are much lower than our competitors. Plus, we only get paid when we you get paid!

Experienced Experts

We know your industry! Our entire staff has experience in alternative finance and bankcard processing.

Reporting & Updates

You’ll be informed every step of the way. Our CRM delivers real-time notifications by email or text.

Client Testimonials

Our Process

You’ve probably attempted to contact the debtor, made phone calls, sent emails, and have either been ignored or given the runaround. That’s where we step in. Give us a call to discuss your situation. Have more than one claim? Great, we offer volume discounts for recurring clients.

Sending us a claim is easy. Just complete our new claim cover sheet and send us an email that includes the required documents related to the claim. We typically begin by delivering a short demand letter by postal service, email, and fax, then contacting the debtor by phone. Although we usually make phone contact the same day a claim is turned over to Recover, our process starts with research. We gather significant information about the business and its owners. Then, we can determine the credibility of the business debtor when we first speak with them by comparing verified information against information they provide. This allows our business debt collection team to determine if the business debtor is being honest, holding back information, or worse, hiding assets and money.

When we get the business debtor on the phone, we ask a series of questions to determine the real reason for defaulting on a creditor. Determining the real reason can have a dramatic impact on the approach our business debt collection team will use. Just simply demanding the money typically does not work. Once we have this information and we understand why they aren’t paying, we can come up with a complete collection strategy.

Business debt collection strategies vary based on circumstances, but one thing that never changes with Recover is our speed and aggressiveness. Our business debt collection team works quickly to locate assets, bank accounts, receivables, and income sources. We know that time is of the essence.

Meet The Recover Team

Recover is a team of people with years of business debt collection experience.

Matthew Wilson

( Sr. Claims Manager )

Vivian Williams

( Sr. Research Manager )

David Silvino

( Legal Outsourcing Director )

Nicole Henry

( Director of Client Services )